Seeking Excellence
We supply and manufacture magnets and magnetic assemblies and systems to leading names within a diverse range of industries. Through our expert technical knowledge, experience and passion, we are best placed to help with your enquiry at every step. Our products are made of premium quality materials, and conform to ISO9001:2015 (quality assurance system); ISO14001:2015 (environmental management systems); REACH and Rohs Compliant. We provide a full range of inspection and testing services, using advanced equipment to ensure that all of our delivered products adhere to rigid industry standards.

And we have a well-established QMS that continuously evolves in order to meet or exceed our clients's expectations. Our range is highly versatile and suitable for a variety of purposes across many sectors. In our catalogue you will find the following magnet types, and additional magnet accessories, to improve your machine’s productivity.

We has the possibility to provide engineering designs of magnetic products made of many materials. Our team of technical advisors will support you with comprehensive industry knowledge. With years of experience, we are familiar with the magnet´s usage applications and the technology behind those applications. Therefore, we are able to offer customised solutions to improve technical and economic values for your requirements.

We offers in-house manufacturing capabilities to take your specifications for an engineered-to-order magnetic assembly or custom magnet from the drawing board to the production floor. We also maintain a stock of magnetic alloys to speed prototype fabrication and production. From quick-turn prototypes to large volume production, we have the equipment, technical expertise, strategic relationships with key vendors, and trained personnel to address your specific application.


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  • Add: 4F Nanyang Building, No.218 Dieyuan Road, 315100 Ningbo, China