Magnetism and electricity are fundamentally interlinked. Magnets are used to help create electricity and electricity can help to create an electromagnetic force. Permanent magnets and electromagnets are used in electronic devices for different purposes.

Why do we use magnets in electronic devices? Computers use magnets to store data on hard drives. Both permanent magnets and electromagnets are widely used in electronic devices such as generators, speakers, televisions, MRI scanners, motors etc. We use magnets to benefit the industrial world and our daily lives. We use magnets in electronic devices for many reasons, but sometimes, we still get surprised about how many things actually work because of magnetism and electromagnetism.

Some of the things are just minor things like a magnetic holder for the cover on your phone. Other things are a little more impressive such as the MRI-scanner. We don’t want to get to scientific about all of the knowledge there is behind magnetism and the magnetic forces, but it is commonly used in electric motors to turn electricity into motion.

It has the potential to be used in electric devices that currently used symmetrically-coupled magnetic elements, which include electric motors, transformers, and MRI machines. A Look into Wireless Charging Today, wireless charging—also known as inductive charging—is a popular way to charge smart phones. But how does it work? Wireless charging utilizes an electromagnetic field - generated using coils and an antenna that are found in both the charging station and the smartphone - to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction.


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