Smart Industrial Solutions

The economy is facing the fourth industrial revolution. The topic Industry 4.0 has been circulating for years and is indispensable in connection with digitalization and the future of production. Industrial magnets are mainly used for heavy lifting or lifting operations. A list of industrial magnet applications would take thousands of words to complete. The mining industry uses magnets to separate ore from metal; pharmaceuticals are subjected to a magnet sweep to remove any iron particles; roads and airport runways are swept by magnets to remove scrap metal that can damage tires, and magnets are an intrinsic part of such items as transformers, electric motors, amplifiers and many other types of industrial equipment. These industrial applications often require very large magnetic forces.

While early magnets were made from iron magnetised by lodestone, modern magnets are formed from a combination of ferro magnetic materials. Industrial magnetic materials include ferrite, alnico and rare earth magnets such as neodymium magnets. This wide variety of magnetic materials means selecting the best magnet can be an overwhelming exercise. Factors to consider include: Magnetic flux, Shape and size, Operating temperature, Cost, Volume and Corrosion and erosion. We manufacture and supply the extensive range of magnetic products, and our engineering design team can help solve your magnet selection dilemma. Contact us to find how we can help, then working together to come up with an effective solution.


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