Company Profile

Who are we
Vormag Electronics is your specialist for permanent magnet materials. Our headquarters and manufacturing base are located in China. From the day the company was established, our business has been permanent magnet materials. As the name of our company says: "Vormag" should be pronounced like "Formag", while the letter "V" is taken from the German letter "V" and should be pronounced "for" in the German alphabet. "Mag" is short for magnet. Thus, "vormag" means "for a magnet".

What we do
We manufacture and supply manufacture a diverse range of permanent magnets, the materials types include neodymium magnets (NdFeB), hard ferrite magnets, alnico magnets and samarium-cobalt magnets. With in-house manufacturing capabilities, we also offer magnetic systems and magnet assemblies such as magnet rotors, magnet speaker motor assemblies, and more. Our team is highly skilled in all aspects of magnet engineering and manufacturing. We work closely with our customers to develop optimized magnet solutions. Our products are all made of high-quality materials and strictly controlled under strict quality standards to keep our quality always at a high level.
As a customs registered exporter, we are an independent, market-driven, globally active supplier of permanent magnet materials. Our products are widely used in various industries by companies all over the world.

Our value
For the customers of Vormag, we want to achieve optimum quality, security of supply and competitiveness.The satisfaction of our customers is our incentive. As mid-size company, our success depends on excellent products and solutions. In order to meet these requirements, we pay highly attention to high-quality materials and services. Our team spirit is reflected in the following aspects:
With a fair and open attitude, we strive to build trust and long-term cooperation with our customers and partners based on mutual benefit and respect.
We remain firmly committed to our performance and environmentally compatible development and manufacturing processes.
Team members possess industry knowledge and perform their duties efficiently.
All employees must abide by our company policies. In this way, we hope to permanently strengthen the trust of our business partners.
The spirit of innovation makes the enterprise develop continuously.

Our philosophy
Thinking big, doing small things.
There is a chinese saying: 千里之行,始于足下。It's interpreted as "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


  • TEL: +86(0)57488321106 (business hour only)
  • Add: 4F Nanyang Building, No.218 Dieyuan Road, 315100 Ningbo, China